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I wrote another update on my phone earlier for my personal reference not intending to post here but now I’m posting it.

Monday the 15th of September 11:53pm

We’re leaving Auckland tomorrow for the Bay of Islands. Last night I dreamed I couldn’t run fast enough. I think I was racing Topher. He wasn’t beating me. But I couldn’t run as fast as I wanted. Friday we did a sick hike outside of Whangamata and jumped off a cliff by a waterfall. Then we saw a cave Weta in an old mineshaft. After that we drove to Auckland and dropped off the rental car at the airport. After finding a hostel to stay at, we walked around the city until stumbling onto the shitty international food court we’ve ended up going to everyday since the city of Auckland welcomed us in. Saturday we went to the museum. Saw lots of Maori art and artifacts and stuff from ancient pacific island cultures and WWII stuff. Saw skeletons of the extinct Moa bird. That is one huge fuckin bird. Slid to our food court spot and I got sweet and sour chicken. Bought a bottle of bourbon and played some pool at the hostel. Hit the bars with some Danish guys. I think they might have been natzis. I danced with some girl. The band at one bar covered teenage dirtbag and all the small things. Scottish dudes were cool. Sunday we went to the zoo and it rained and we only saw a few animals. They were mostly asleep in their indoor shelters where they can’t be seen. No signs of a kiwi bird. Saw red pandas and briefly saw some monkeys. Zoos are weird. Hit the food court for some Shanghai noodle bowl. Chilled at the hostel. Today we went rock climbing and that was good. My fingers were weak. Got beef noodle soup at the bomb ass dirty food court where I’ve never seen one other white person mixing it up. Did laundry. Now I’m in bed thinking about all the pretty girls in the world. They’re out there and they don’t even know I’m thinking about them. That’s cool. I’m also thinking about that guy on the street who I ignored when he asked if I hand any spare change. I did have change but it was in a really annoying pocket of my backpack. And he asked as I was already passed him by a few strides. I was in the middle of a conversation too and I barely even picked out what he had said until I was already well past. That was not cool on my part. I could be that guy in a matter of a few unfortunate events. Granted I have parents. But I’ll be really low on funds soon if I don’t find a little bit of work. I always end up making it about me. I’m keeping my change in my pocket tomorrow so I can dish it out quickly and clear my conscience.
-self centered asshole
Yo I’m lying. I’m holding onto every last cent I have.
P.S. I just realized I’ve been in New Zealand for 5 months now. 😮

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Thursday, September 11th 2014 9:25pm
Tomorrow we will be arriving in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand to return our Juicy Campa Relocation Van. So far, we have successfully relocated the van, our possessions, our minds, and our bodies as far as Whangamata, about 3 hours drive from the Auckland airport, where we are required to abandon the vehicle at the Juicy Rental Office. I still feel as though my mind might still be playing catch up from Oamaru. Since my last diary entry I’ve been laid twice, driven 1,020km from the Christchurch airport, and spent the night in 3 very beautiful and unique campsites.
I’ll be sad to see our little camper van go, and I must admit I am anxious about traveling without it. Driving is much preferable to busses / hitchhiking / walking, but I’ve made it this far with Alec and help from others, and I know that if I don’t let stress and fear get the best of me I really can do a lot.
Our adventure started after an excruciating two day scramble to vacate our residence at the royal Smash palace, made infinitely more painful by one last Friday night separately boozing with our respective co-workers. After our flurry of hungover packing, organizing, cleaning, hauling, and stressing we caught a bus from Oamaru to Christchurch at 4:40 arriving at about 9. We had a luxurious stay in the local YHA (their pillows were fantastic) and woke up fresh and ready to make moves.
Once we picked up the van from the Christchurch airport at about 11:30 on Monday, we drove through some truly special South Island countryside, up the beautiful eastern coastline to the quaint, harbor-side city of Picton, where we loaded up onto the Inter-Island ferry at about 6:30.
The journey across the cook strait is not all that special in the dark, but it felt important as we chugged along into the darkness. Enchanted by huge outlines of land passing by mysteriously in the blackness, the surmounting feeling of great things ahead was tangible standing on deck with the wind blasting by.
Wellington greeted us with bright city lights, tall glass monoliths, and contemporary architecture. It was like jumping 10 years forward in time from tiny Oamaru. We took a bit of a drive to see what we could see at 10 pm and we ended up on top of the city after driving on a tight and winding road up a mountain in the middle of the urban sprawl. There was a great lookout and you could see all of Wellington, the enormous bay, an airport and endless lights. We parked the camper under a radio tower within a stones throw of the lookout point and had a small meal and cozied up in the sleeping bags. The next day we went to the museum and then made our way north.
More farmland and beautiful countryside until we decided to pull off the road into the entrance of Tongariro national park to do a little off-roading in our trusty mini-van, under the cover of dark. Got a little sketchy, turned around, and made camp in the wake of some extinct volcanoes. We woke up, took a short walk on a track that we plan on trekking down later in life, and got back to driving.
We then got to Taupo, checked out some thermal activity, drove to another tourist spot, saw a waterfall and ran along a trail for an hour or so, ate some food, and then found a thermal spa to wind down in. Then after much searching in the dark for a place to park the van for the evening, we ended up sleeping basically inside the thermal park down another muddy off-road track. Once the stress of finding a good place to sleep was relieved, we cooked a bit of food, and called it a night.
It was raining in the morning and we realized that the heavy front wheel drive mini van we had driven down this path would not make it back up the muddy hill it had so easily rolled down the night before with out gaining a lot of speed first, but we had a deductible of $3000 so we fucking went for it. First try was almost a success but there was quite a large hole in the ground after the steepest part of the hill that we wouldn’t be able to be crossed at speed without really fucking up our the car, and our trusty van had grown on us so we thought it would be best to try and cover the hole. Found a side panel of a destroyed RV and some other garbage to act as a brace under the panel, covered the hole and with the rain still coming down, got the van up to about 50kmph and sailed over the less-than-ideal terrain like a dream.
After that healthy dose of adrenaline we spent most of the day at Wai-o-tapu thermal wonderland. There was a shit load of beautiful boiling pools with colorful mineral buildup, bubbling mud, a geyser, heaps of steam, the always pleasant smell of sulfur, and enough Asian tourists to overthrow a small country. After that we drove a few hours to Coromandel Forest Park, just outside of Whangamata, we parked at the entrance of a hiking trail that we plan on doing first thing tomorrow morning. We cooked up a nice hot meal and now I will be going to sleep.
This time tomorrow I’ll be in a hostel in the city of Auckland with no more camper van and no more plans. This is it. This is as far ahead as we have planned our move to the north. The only plan now is to possibly go farther north to the Bay of Islands and find some work and then keep moving south and finding odd jobs to survive. I don’t even have much in the bank right now but hopefully it’s enough to support myself for a handful of weeks. This shit makes me feel very alive. It’s good to be here. If you’re my friend and reading this, you already know I love and miss you. Hope you’re holding shit down in Colorado.

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I have an update half written from a few days ago but I don’t have much motivation to finish it right now… :/

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I would be using this wifi to write an update about my travels, but I’m just gonna sit here and torrent music instead.

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I’m scared about the future. Like the immediate future. I have so much to worry about.

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I watched Bronson last night and The Master tonight. I liked both but also strongly felt that I didn’t know what the fuck I was watching with either of them.

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My pen15 was touched by a lady last night.

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I’m leaving my job in 3 weeks to go north to Auckland, pick fruit, and make my way back down south. Migrant worker type shit. I was just settling into my job, starting to move up, but I made the mistake of asking how long I had to give notice before leaving. So now I’ll be stuck at floor boy because there would be no point for the company to give me actual knife training if I’m leaving. I’m pretty scared to pick up and leave already. But it’s time. Winter is ending and the weather on the north island will be a lot better. My bike won’t be coming. I shouldn’t have even brought it. It was fun to have for a while, but now that the front wheel is shaped like a taco and I don’t have spare cash to replace it it has to go live in Brent’s shed till I go home. There is a lot of shit to sort out before we can leave. Alec has been really pushing this and I guess this was the original plan anyways but I don’t like to feel rushed. I must admit it will be a much more exciting change of pace. I am anxious to leave the meat works as well. Maybe I’ll be a butcher one day. That would be sort of cool. Hopefully we can find work without too much trouble. And places to sleep. And food to eat. And women to seduce.

I should have some dough built up in about three weeks. I’m nervous though. I’m finding that I don’t embrace change as gracefully as I’d like to.

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I watched Barton Fink last night.

Can someone please explain to me what the fuck I watched?

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