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I’m leaving my job in 3 weeks to go north to Auckland, pick fruit, and make my way back down south. Migrant worker type shit. I was just settling into my job, starting to move up, but I made the mistake of asking how long I had to give notice before leaving. So now I’ll be stuck at floor boy because there would be no point for the company to give me actual knife training if I’m leaving. I’m pretty scared to pick up and leave already. But it’s time. Winter is ending and the weather on the north island will be a lot better. My bike won’t be coming. I shouldn’t have even brought it. It was fun to have for a while, but now that the front wheel is shaped like a taco and I don’t have spare cash to replace it it has to go live in Brent’s shed till I go home. There is a lot of shit to sort out before we can leave. Alec has been really pushing this and I guess this was the original plan anyways but I don’t like to feel rushed. I must admit it will be a much more exciting change of pace. I am anxious to leave the meat works as well. Maybe I’ll be a butcher one day. That would be sort of cool. Hopefully we can find work without too much trouble. And places to sleep. And food to eat. And women to seduce.

I should have some dough built up in about three weeks. I’m nervous though. I’m finding that I don’t embrace change as gracefully as I’d like to.

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I watched Barton Fink last night.

Can someone please explain to me what the fuck I watched?

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They gave me a knife at work and the dude who has been the floor boy there way longer is sad AF. But I guess that means that hard work truly does pay off. I fuck with cutting meat way more than I fuck with picking it up off the floor.

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Honestly I wish I was working 10-12 hour days 7 days a week so I wouldn’t have time to be lonely, anxious, and stressed. The money would be so good too and I’d be able to make power moves instead of spending on non-essentials.

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Lucien Levy-Dhurmer (1865-1953) - Le silence, 1895


Fool my work ethic be stupid dumb. I work so goddamn hard. If you’ve met me you’d probably be shocked if you saw how I run shit at work. I’m the fuckin floor boy of the century; I keep Lean Meats cleaner than my own wee pecker.

Yesterday the union boss asked me if —for a bit of extra pay— I wanted to be a part of the crew that hoses everything down after the sheep genocide has stopped for the day. Of course I was keen as. (Kiwis and Aussies —out of their passion for abbreviation— have developed the very confusing, open-ended “as”. Phrases such like keen as, good as, sweet as, ect. are the result. It’s my personal belief that the mining industry in Aus is to blame; these Aussies couldn’t be fucked to continue saying “good as gold” so they shortened it to “good as” ex. “Aw ye mate good as!”) When the end of the day came round boss dog had me do a super easy job that only took five minutes, which I’m pretty sure they didn’t even need me to do. To me that means homeboy noticed I was busting my ass and not really getting paid fairly, so he saw an opportunity to help me out and there it is. Then today, the floor managers had me sign a few things basically affirming that I’m fully handling the shit out of my job, and then told me that Monday we were gonna find out what my skills wih a knife were like. So I’ve been working here about two months and they’re already boutta gimme a knife. That’s sortof boss shit concidering the other floor boy has been here like eight and still is pickin goat dick up off the floor. I’m proud of myself yo. But that ain’t the point. I’m bout to be making more money so I can actually start doing stuff besides paying bills!

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payyy meeeeeee $$$$$$$$


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